Travel Helpers ~ Don't let getting there keep you from going!

Travel Helpers provides air travel companions to assist you while you are in transit.  Your Travel Helper professional will take care of the minor details before they become major problems.  Our professional travelers have logged over 3 million air miles on commercial airlines.  They are experts in dealing with the joys and excitement, or delays and cancellations that can occur when traveling. 

  • We provide both non critical medical and non medical paid air travel companion
  • We provide a Travel Helper (paid air travel companion) from your departure point, throughout your flight and any connections,  to your destination.
  • We will research airfares, car services, or other transportation needs while in transit
  • Assist with checking luggage and carry on bags
  • Assist with airport check in and security clearance
  • Arrange wheelchair assistance and pre board opportunities
  • Assist with connecting flights, gate changes, in transit itinerary changes due to flight cancellations or delays
  • Utilize our Airline Club Memberships to enhance your layovers as needed
  • and much more 

Don't miss another vacation opportunity, wedding or graduation because the thought of navigating airports and security seems overwhelming to you.  Travel Helpers provides that little bit of extra help to get you where you are going.  We accompany seniors, children, special needs, non critical medical  and other travelers when flying or in transit. 

Travel Helpers provides that peace of mind that you are not alone should the unexpected arise.

Sometimes, getting there is the only thing that keeps people from enjoying the real reasons to fly.