About Travel Helpers 


Travel Helpers founder, Cynthia Glidewell, has logged well over 3 million miles flying as a customer on commercial airlines. She has experienced firsthand the trials, tribulations and changes in the travel industry.

“As a Registered Nurse and Consultant for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Accenture, I flew almost weekly both in the United States and Europe. I have first hand experience of the most common and many extraordinary travel issues that arise.  As the author of The Red Hat Society Travel Guide, I viewed and experienced travel from the side of a researcher focusing on tips and issues that impact the senior population.” Questionnaires were sent out to thousands of women 50 and over to gather their thoughts and concerns regarding travel today. The common thread of, "I'd love to go but getting there worries me" made me start thinking about a service such as Travel Helpers.  Many of the practices in place at TravelHelpers are things learned and considered as part of that research".

On the road on September 11, 2001, Cynthia learned firsthand how to navigate travel in the face of disaster. She has also helped numerous people develop creative alternatives to airport delays, flight cancellations and unexpected situations due to abrupt change in travel plans. And when creative alternatives are exhausted, she can provide the voice of experience that helps calm even the most difficult situations.

Contrary to some beliefs, most air travel does occur without incident. The majority of our trips have been on time and very enjoyable. However, our staff is well versed in expecting the unexpected.