Travel Helpers recognizes that client's needs vary depending on circumstance.  Our services are very specialized to each client's needs.   We will develop a customized travel plan to meet your specific needs.    The most variable aspect of our cost is dependent upon the actual cost of air fare.  We will research flights, routes, connections vs direct flights, alternate airports and other factors that can impact the cost of air travel.  We will review these options with you and determine the "best fit" for your travel needs.

Travel Helpers services must be paid for prior to departure from our home base.  When possible, all travel expenses are billed directly to the client at the time of booking.  Any extra costs incurred while in transit  must be paid upon completion of the trip.

Typical Travel Helpers cost will include:

  • Travel Helpers Daily Rate:  (dependent on level of service needs)
  • Client and Travel Helpers airfare
  • Ground Services -- curb side meet or door to door services
  • Lodging for Travel Helper if necessary
  • Overnight fee w/wo client when necessary for travel schedules