Our number one best seller is Peace of Mind. 

We provide an individualized service dependent upon the needs of our clients. Our Travel Helper Client Services Team will discuss your travel needs with you.  We will tailor a plan to suit your situation. We can provide service beginning curb side at your departure airport or "door-to-door".  Our goal is to provide a safe, stress-free journey from your home to your destination in the company of your Travel Helper.

Most Travel Helpers services are on a cost plus basis depending on service level and specific client needs.  We will work with you to assess your situation and arrange any extra assistance, wheelchairs,  or pre board arrangements, that are necessary for your safe travel.  Clients must be cleared medically to fly.

Travel Helpers will research and assist with booking your air travel ensuring the best flight schedules, fares and departure and arrival times to meet your needs. Travel Helpers is not a Travel Agency and will be happy to coordinate with your Travel Agent.

Travel Helpers Service Samplers

Curb side meet

Travel Helpers will arrange to meet you Curbside at the Departures area of your airport.  Plans will have already been discussed regarding curb side or counter check in, costs for checking bags, etc. so there will be no surprises.  Your Travel Helper will help you review your carry on luggage with the current TSA requirements and tuck any necessary items into your checked baggage. 

Door to Door

Travel Helpers will provide door to door companion services.  We wil meet you at your home and arrange transportation for trip to the airport.  Your Travel Helper will assist you with your luggage and make sure it is checked through to your destination.  Your Travel Helper will be with you as you clear through security and remain with you throughout your flight.  In flight, your Travel Helper will provide the little things, such as a pillow and a blanket, or a deck of cards to help pass the time. Once you arrive at your destination your TravelHelper will assist you in collecting your luggage and accompany you in pre arranged transportation to your destination. 

Bedside to Bedside/Non-critical Medical

Travel Helpers founder, Cyndi Glidewell, is a Registered Nurse and is the primary provider of our services requiring medical personnel.  Travel Helpers can provide bedside to bedside escort services. Clients who are medically stable enough to fly on commercial airlines but need the extra support of a medical professional will find this service useful.

Escorted Travel

Travel Helpers can accompany you while you are in transit or throughout your trip.  Don't let the need for a little extra assistance keep you from going on that cruise or museum tour.  Your Travel Helper will provide an extra hand when needed.